ONsite Computer Training & Consultancy?

ONsite Computer Training have been in the IT training industry for nearly thirty years. We were in at the beginning of the computer era and have since then been updating our skills.

We run classroom training as well as one to one specialised training courses, and cater for any level on request, from absolute beginners to advanced levels.

In the early eighties, Carol Ann O'Neill manager of ONsite Computer Training opened a school in Middle Abbey Street, then known as TDN Training. Carol Ann worked at that time with an Office Stationary Company T. & D. Norton Ltd. Norton's gave Carol Ann a premises they owned at number 67 Middle Abbey Street in order to open the Training School. She started out with a classroom of Micro Computers running a WordProcessing Program know as WordStar. That program was so popular for its day and people came from far and wide to be taught this new technology know as Word Processing.

The market quickly took heed of this new technology and very soon we had many programs vying for a part of the market. We had DisplayWrite (IBM), MultiMate, and WordStar 2000. Then came the market leader in SpreadSheets Lotus 1-2-3. This was all before the introduction of Windows. Prior to Windows, one WordProcessing program know as WordPerfect swept the market and instantly became the market leader. It had graphic elements we had not seen before and it also came with it's own suite of programs, PlanPerfect (spreadsheet), Presentations (slide presentation) and DataPerfect (Database). This suite lasted for quite a number of years.

Then the Windows era arrived in the late eighties, with the introduction of the mouse and oh yes full Graphics. This was a major leap into new technology. For a while, Lotus and WordPerfect tried to keep up with the market changes but unfortunately they were not ready for the launch of Microsoft's suite of programs. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These were full Windows products and very soon became the market leaders worldwide.

New versions of Windows were launched over the years, and new versions of Microsoft Office continued to take the market by storm. Shortly, there was no competition, except of course for the Apple Market which specialises mainly in graphics and sound.

ONsite Computer Training commenced business after closing the school in Middle Abbey Street in 1993. For a few years before closing the school, the majority of business was being conducted on the client's premises, as companies preferred to have their staff trained with their specific need in mind. We tailored courses with this in mind and found this new venture very successful.

Now things have changed once again. The majority of people today have a very good working knowledge of most applications and have been saying for quite some time that attending one and two day courses seems to be a large waste of time, as only a portion of the content being covered was of interest to their specific needs.

Today, we are offering a new solution to this problem. We will spend a day in your office and cater for up to four of your staff members to cover their specific needs on a one on one basis. Two two hour sessions AM, and two one and half hour sessions in the PM. The students have full control of what they need to know and can cover more than one application in that session.