Several Staff members trained in one Day without leaving the Office!!

For quite a number of years, people have attended two and three day courses to learn how to produce professional looking documentation the fastest and easiest way possible.

While reviewing the courses, it was often noted that only about a third of the content was really relevant to the student's actual needs; wasting valuable time.

ONsite Training can now provide the long awaited solution to this problem:

You simply pick a date and request that your staff outline their most urgent training needs. We will spend an hour, two hours or whatever time is required to impart the required knowledge on a one to one basis. A list of popular training topics are outlined on the right.

Short training sessions of this type have been proven to be more beneficial and often equate to many days of formal classroom training.

Another advantage of this type of training is the student can request any of the Office Applications or even better combine any number of different requests.

An electronic form is available for distribution to staff members. They can tick the relevant topics required.

Popular Topics
Microsoft Word

How to manage long documents
Electronic Forms
Headers/Footers & Page Numbering

Microsoft Excel
Consolidating Data

Microsoft PowerPoint
Rules for Presenting
Using Outline View
Slide Layouts
Adding Content
Custom Animations
Printout options for Handouts

Microsoft Access
How to build a Database


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