Absolute Beginners WinMailWord07Excel07IE
Topic Content
Windows To introduce students to the workings of a Personal Computer and explain basic PC terms.  Examine the Desktop and Window components.  Explore the Disk Drives available and the different views.  Distinguish between files v folders, programs v operating system.
File Management To set up a personal filing system, create folders, name folders, shortcuts to, etc.  Create sub-folders, copy & move files from folder to folder, or disk to disk.  Define the workings of a Floppy Disk, CD ROM, CD R/W, Memory Stick etc.
Applications Define Microsoft Word.  Create a Word Document.  Layout a simple letter, explain Margins, Spacing, Toolbars etc.  Preview/Print letter.  Save and name letter to personal folder.
Define Microsoft Excel.  Create a simple Spreadsheet, using the sum function, outlining similar screen layout.
Outlook Email Explore Outlook Folder List.  Add contact addresses to Contact Folder.  Create and send an email.  Reply to an email, add/read/save an attachment.  Create personal folder, move and copy, or delete mail.
Internet A brief visit to the Internet.  Define difference between Web Addresses versus Search Engines.  Locate a Web Site and explain hyperlinks.  Cut & Paste items from an Internet Website.