Excel Introduction excel07
Topic Content
Worksheet Layout Toolbars, Formula Bar, Column Tabs, Row Tabs and Cells.
Pointer Shapes Select cut/copy/paste, fill/copy, and best fit.
Navigate the Worksheet Keyboard shortcuts to get around a large worksheet. Use preview to check print outs and correct errors.
Format Features Merge & Centre Button, Borders & Shading, Currency, Insert & Delete Rows & Columns.
Autosum Create a small expense sheet using the autosum function to add totals and autofill to copy the formula.
Manual Formula Write a formula to calculate savings over a three month period.
Writing Formula Use a small table of figures to calculate, using the sum function, divide function and multiply function, and learn the use of brackets.
Locate & Display Formula Use the goto feature to locate formula in a sheet, colour them to remind you not to touch.  Use the Display Formula shortcut on the keyboard to show how complex or simple the formulae are.
Absolute Learn the use of Absolute v Relative references.
Formula Bar Edit a formula using the formula bar.
Insert Function Use the Insert function button to locate formulae. Identify category lists and learn how to search for formula.  Introduce Average, Minimum & Maximum functions.
Charting Four steps to create a chart, using the Chart Wizard.
Chart Types Column, Line, Bar & Pie Charts.
Format Charts Background colour, bar colours, fill effects. Chart area, plot area and legend.
DataBase Create a small database with a Header Row.  Input data using the Data Form.  Filter the Data using autofilter, and sort the data in ascending and descending order.
Print Options Use the Setup option to layout the worksheet on the page, before printing.