PowerPoint pp07
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Rule Awareness PowerPoint presentations can be very user friendly or not.  There are certain rules in setting up a presentation and by following these, you will be guaranteed to feel confident about changing anything at anytime and the whole presentation can take on a new look.
Preparation Put down on paper guidelines for your presentation.  How many slides do you need to prepare?
How long have you got to present your project?
What headings do I want to Cover?
Put down any Bullet Points you already thought of?
Outline View Start by inputting all your Headings & Bullets in Outline View.
Slide Sorter View Thumbnail Display of all your slides in one window.
Slide View Visit each slide and decide what you want to appear on each slide.
Slide Layout Choose a suitable layout in order to put objects such as Tables, Diagrams, Charts, Pictures or ClipArt on each slide.
Transitions Give a bit of life to your show by creating transition effects when changing slides.
Animation Have your bullets appear one by one, altogether, or have them dim into a different colour after you finish speaking.
Design Apply a nice colour scheme to your entire Slide Show by choosing a design scheme from the vast library available.
Headers/Footers Put your mark on the Slide Show by displaying your Company Name, Slide Number and Date at the bottom of each slide.
Master Slide Change the Typeface for all headings on all slide, the bullet points for all slides with the touch of a button.
Print Print out Slides 1, 2, 3, 6 or 9 on one page.
Print out Notes Pages with notes for you or your audience.
Print out the Outline view to see at a glance text but no pictures.
Print to disk to take to the publisher.