Word Introduction




Page Layout

Getting familiar with the layout of the Document Page, the screen layout and the different views.  Getting familiar with the Window bars; Title, Menu, Toolbars, Ruler Bars, Scroll Bars, Status Bar and View Buttons.

Losing Objects

Turning off the things that matter, Toolbars, Ruler Bar, Task Pane etc. and getting them back.  Know the ID’s.

Define Paragraphs

Turning on the Paragraph Mark and analyse the importance of this function.

Select Text

Characters, Words and Paragraphs.  Format using the toolbar.

Cut/Copy/Paste & Delete

Using the keyboard, cut, copy and paste any of the above, knowing what you want to select and where to do it from.


Manage the Rulers, Margins from the Screen.


Using the Toolbar, get to know the quick way of making your document look its best, font, size, bold, italics, underline, centre, left and right align, borders and font colour.

Manage Save

Save, Save As, and Naming Documents.  Ask the questions:  Save in Where? Save as What?  Never again lose a file.


Introduce the Tables & Border Toolbar. Font Functions, change type, size, bold, italics, colour.  Border tools, line style, thickness, colour, top & bottom, outside, inside and shading.


Character v Paragraph. Define the difference. Clearing formats the quick way.


Line Spacing, single, double or l½, using the keyboard.  Get to know the Indent indicator on the ruler. First Line, Hanging, left and right using the Ruler.

Page Breaks

Soft v forced page break.   Effect it has on a long document.

Hanging Indents

Layout a page with headings on the left margin, indenting the paragraphs at 1.5” and highlight the headings using the Format Painter.


Print Preview and edit the document using the Preview Toolbar.  Zoom in and out, and take off the magnifier to layout the text on the page.  View multiple pages in Preview.


Display the Drawing Toolbar using the Standard Toolbar.  Draw an object, change the size, border, thickness, fill with colour, move etc.


Insert a piece of clipart into your document, size it, move it and delete it.


Layout a simple letter, using a piece of Art to create a nice piece of Headed Notepaper.  Create a Heading with your own Name, Address, Tel and email address, using all the formatting features you have learned.  Layout your letter and preview it making it appear professional on the page.

Create a simple Menu for Dinner.  Using all your new found knowledge, centre text, insert objects, size objects, change fonts, paint formats using the format painter.