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PhD Student prepared her Thesis Template during Training


Over the years students recount horror stories of Thesis Preparation.  It is not the research and writing up of subject matter, nor the necessary editing and ongoing revision that turns this task into a nightmare. No, the real trouble comes when one tries to produce a perfect document from the mass of material one has input to a computer over a period of time.  

Usually layout and presentation has been left to the bitter end and results in a titanic struggle to pull everything into shape before the submission deadline.

No more, now you can prepare your Presentation and have it ready to go, even before you write your first page! This leaves you much more relaxed throughout the research process, knowing all you have to do is drop the text into your skeleton thesis.  Thesis creation becomes enjoyable and reaches new heights of professionalism.

This training will cater for one or a maximum of three students doing the same course. The layout requirements must be the same for all students as the Template will cater for the creation of different styles.



The Template will include a skeleton document of a typical thesis designed from beginning to end, ie. Binding Width, Front Page Layout, Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, Summary, Sections or Chapters.

This course will include designing the Cover Page, Table of Contents, Heading Syles, Page Layout, Line Spacing, Numbering Styles, Page Numbering of various styles, Headers/Footers, FootNotes, EndNotes, Indexing, Cross References, Bibliography.   You will also decide on the best approach to inserting graphs and tables into your Thesis, capturing each item in order to create a List of same.

When the Skeleton Thesis is complete, you will then design a library system for your files. As you complete each section or chapter you will just drop it into the Skeleton.

On completion of the one day's training, you will receive full online and telephone support up to your submission date.

Contact: Carol Ann at
phone: 087 2507930